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“When I joined the gym a few years after Adam, I had already soaked up information like a sponge, I watched my brother train, watched him spar, watched his movements, taking mental notes in my head, until I got to the age of 12 in which I decided to take my first session.


It was only then I knew I had a talent in which was unique, hence the reason I call myself the hitman.


Knock out after knockout is what I am capable of, results show for itself, from that point onwards, we both found a new level of drive from competing with one another which has remained a driving force between our progress.


Results in the amateurs has shown our progress as we conquered the amateur games, got awarded a bronze medal in the youth Olympics. 


 Now we are here to conquer the pros, we are both on this journey together and trying to push each other all the way”.


My goals in the pro games, is to become one of the best boxers in this era.

I aim to be the next British Pakistani world champion, along with my brother

and all that is required is hard work and dedication.

I like to entertain the crowds with how boxing should be done, and my time to

entertain has only just begun. 


Boxing does not only require a strong phisique but also a strong mindset and morals. with all these combined i want to make my self strive forward with becoming a respected boxer as well as the one who gives back to the world. 


Junior ABA Champion

NABGC Champion

2 Time GB Champion

Youth ABA Champion

Youth European Silver Medallist 

Youth Olympics Bronze Medallist 

Senior GB Elite Champion

GB Flag Bearer Youth Olympic Games 

6 Time Box Cup Champion

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