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“I fell into boxing after my dad took me to the gym as an outlet, after I was diagnosed with ADHD.


I was a very hyperactive kid, and kick-boxing gave me an outlet where I could drain my energy into something where I was passionate to excel in.


I have developed my skills, movement and mental state, to be known as the fastest hands on the UK boxing scene.  


Now I'm setting my sights firmly on being the UK's Youngest World Champion.


I've dominated the Amateurs, now its my time for the Pros.”


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AGE: 19

5W-0L-0D- (4KO)


I treat everyday as new gain, learning and progressing better than yesterday.


This boxing lifestyle allows me to develop as a human and also gives me morals.

Boxing is not an easy sport, in which i am dedicated to giving this sport my all.

I want to become a world champion and hopefully become the first ever pakistani undisputed champion of


the world and leave a legacy behind. 


Schoolboy Champion 2015 

Schoolboy Champion 2016

Junior National Champion 2017

Junior National Champion 2018

Youth National Champion 2019

Youth National Champion 2020

Great Britain champion 2016

Great Britian champion 2017

Great Britian champion 2018

2018 Junior Europeans Gold Medalist

2019 Youth Europeans Sliver Medalist

Ranked Number 1 In The UK

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