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Team Azim consists of many organisations as well as many individuals, world class trainers down to professional nutritionists. Each company and member play a significant part in our journey to the top.

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"Adam really impressed me when he was sparring Luke Campbell and nobody can do that with Luke, it was a very 50/50 well matched spar, but the fact that he was 18, just really impressed me because he was able to keep it long with Luke. Most people get frustrated, I’ve seen so many prospects come to spar Luke Campbell, Frank Warrens prospects, Eddie Hearn’s prospects and not one of them match him in distance, but Adam was able to match him in distance and that’s a really special thing to do".

-Shane Mc Guigan-

"Their talent is undeniable and that’s what excites me and when you got the talent, you need a team behind you, because its such a fine margin, I mean you can give 1,2,3% to both the boys careers and then we have done our job and that’s all we can do before the guys jump in to that ring, but we will provide and resource everything we can to make sure we can fulfil everything they need through our experience and expertise".

-Oliver Ward-


TA Trust is a non-profit organisation built on the shoulders of a father, his two sons and a team of supporters. Relentlelssy seeking to reach their potential in the boxing division, they decided it was time to take their hard work and give back to the world.

At TA Trust, our aim is to deliver relief including food, clean water, shelter, education and medical supplies, to the most impoverished areas around the globe. 

With your support, we want to give sustenance to the many and not just the few. Help us make a difference. 

"Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant."

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"We are a dedicated team of Photographers and videographers, for Team Azim, our experience from previous boxers had led us to finding both brothers Hassan and Adam Azim, in which gave us a spark as they`re fighting style, commitment and training was mind blowing, this has now led us to create a channel dedicated to them, bringing you, the boxing fans new and exclusive footage making you witnesses to there journey of becoming world champions".

-Team Azim Tv Crew- 



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